This page is a list of my current stock of instruments available for sale. Please use the Contact Page to inquire about them.

For Sale at my Workshop

Cello, Theo Parmakis, 2020

2-piece poplar back, maple ribs and scroll, 690mm stop length. Spirit varnish with a light patina.

Based upon the Stradivari “B” form, used for such cellos as the “Gore-Booth”.

Cello, Theo Parmakis, 2020

2-piece maple back, ribs and scroll. Loosely based upon the 1777 “Simpson” cello by G. B. Guadagnini. Oil varnish.

With a 680mm string length and a compact body, this model of cello is light and responsive and can be especially comfortable for players of a shorter stature.

This cello was picked out by the Kreutzer Quartet to be played at the British Violin Makers’ Association day in February 2022, where it was described by their cellist as having “an interesting bright and lively character which would work well in a lot of different contexts.”

For Sale Elsewhere

Bridgewood & Neitzert, London

Stamford Strings, Stamford

Violin by Theo Parmakis 2018

Stradivari model.

Lightly patinated spirit varnish.