This violin had ended up storred in an attic for decades, so it needed quite a lot doing to it! The old soundpost didn’t fit, and the bridge was in terrible condition (in fact it’s probably best for the instrument that the strings weren’t left under tension.) Also the nut was missing and the tailgut (which was actual gut!) had snapped. Also the neck angle was excessively high (32mm), and the pegs were unusable. And the fingerboard was quite lumpy as well.

In the end it was necessary to bush the peg holes in order to get new pegs fitting well. I fitted a new set of pegs and made a new nut. I reshot the fingerboard and adjusted the neck to achieve a better angle and fitted a new soundpost and bridge as well as replacing the tailgut and of course fitting new strings. Quite exciting to hear the violin able to play for the first time in many years!