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This violin came in for some general setup optimisations as the E string was sounding quite strident and the G quite muffled. As usual, the soundpost was the main culprit. I also adjusted the bridge and restrung it. It’s been quite a difficult violin to optimise due to how flat the top arch is, which tends to make it err towards shrillness, but hopefully it should be a lot more balanced now.

This violin came in for an insurance valuation, but the owner also asked if I could have a quick look over the setup. I spotted that the old bridge was quite warped, but much more worryingly the endpin way on the verge of pulling out, which would cause everything to fly off (maybe even whilst being played!)

The old endpin socket was very worn, so I ended up fitting a bushing before re-drilling a smaller hole (in the end I was able to re-use the old pin.) I also fitted a new bridge and soundpost, and the previous post was not ideally placed, and some new strings.

This viola came in for some general adjustments because the strings were coming loose and the bridge kept falling off! I adjusted the pegs and tweaked the bridge position as well as fitting new strings – a relatively quick job.