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This cello came in because the pegs had slipped and the soundpost had fallen over. Usually if it has fallen over which the cello being knocked etc. then it is an indication that the current post isn’t under enough tension. In the end, after checking the fit, we agreed that it made sense to fit a new post. I also addressed the cause of the immediate problem by tweaking the fit of the pegs. I also adjusted the string heights, as they were a bit low for gut core strings.

This cello came in for a new bridge as the old one had warped. I also fitted a soundpost as the old one wasn’t contacting the top very well and had to stand at an angle to get any sort of pressure.

This cello came in for a replacement corner as it had been chipped. It’s always a fun (if frustrating) job making a clean new corner and then varnishing and distressing it to match the surrounding wear and tear. I also decided with the owner that it made sense to fit a new soundpost as the old one was very loose.

The owner of this bass bought it second hand with the plan to invest in getting it set up and optimised. As long as you know what you’re getting into and make sure you allocate enough budget for the potential work needed, this can be a great way to get a good value instrument.
The instrument needed a fingerboard reshoot, a new adjustable bridge and soundpost, as well as replacement set of wooden pegs for the old style tuning machines (hand made by Joe Vercoe of @redfern.instruments )

New bridge to start the new year! At some point this violin will also need a new fingerboard as the old one is on its last legs, so I checked the elevation to try and ensure that, when that happens, the new bridge will still be of the correct height. Thankfully it’s fairly standard.