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This violin came in because the owner was generally dissatisfied with the balance and projection of the instrument. There was also a crack in the scroll (thankfully out of the way of the pegs, as this would require serious reinforcement.) I fixed the scroll and fitted a new bridge and soundpost, which have really transformed the tone of the instrument (the old bridge was too heavily built, and the old soundpost was not a great fit.)

This 1970s English cello had sat unplayed for several decades. It needed a full setup, comprising of a new bridge, soundpost, replacement endpin and modern tailpiece with built in fine tuners, as well as some fresh strings!

This cello came in because there was an intermittent buzz. There was also a general instability in tone across the strings, and an underlying hiss. There were several aspects of the setup which together contributed to this – the most major to fix immediately was a loose fingerboard (the fingerboard stabilises the neck, so if your fingerboard is loose then it’s important you get it seen to immediately.) I also fitted a new bridge as the old one was very heavy and slightly bent, and a new soundpost as the old one was a good fit but not under sufficient tension. The saddle was also very tall and beginning to come unglued, so I replaced that with a better fitting, more appropriately sized one.