The chance to work with the player to make an instrument to their specifications is always a fascinating process.

The starting rates for commissioning an instrument based upon one of my standard models are as follows:

Violin – £6,500

5-String Violin – £7,000

Viola £8,000

Cello – £16,000

Double Bass – £please inquire

Please note that the price may vary depending on current availability of materials etc.

If you wish to commission something outside of the usual, get in touch. I’m open to exploring options for various kinds of instrument, even something completely unique.


Timescale is very dependent on external factors as well as the scope of the job. For a violin, generally expect around 8 weeks until the instrument can be played in the white and a further 6 – 8 weeks for varnishing to be completed.

After the instrument has been handed over and payment received, it is generally recommended to “play it in” for a further two or three months before booking a checkup visit to see how everything is settling and make any necessary adjustments.

Larger instruments can be expected to take somewhat longer.

Payment (standard)

  • 33% up-front
  • 33% upon completion of the instrument “in the white”.
  • 33% when the instrument is finished and collected.

    This may vary depending on the specifics of the job, e.g. if the instrument is something unusual which requires a lot in initial R&D time and potential investment in new tools then I need to ask for 50% up front, and then a 25% / 25% split.

What happens if you don’t like the instrument? See my policy for terminating a commission