This violin came into the workshop because there was a nasty buzz coming from an open seam, and the owner was generally dissatisfied with the tone especially on the bass end. It turned out that the soundpost also needed replacing (a soundpost patch had been fitted a few years ago, and the wood had stretched a bit resulting in a loose post fit.) The endpin needed replacing as the hole had become oval and it was on the verge of pulling out, and the instrument needed new strings.
After doing all of this, the violin as a whole sounded more powerful but the bass end was still a bit weak. Checking the bass bar position, it because clear that it was position very far inside the bridge foot, leading to a lot of the vibrations of the G and D strings getting dissipated into the less resonant area outside the bar. Moving the bridge a little toward the treble side resulted in a low more low end coming through, so after consulting with the owner we decided to move the endpin a little in order to get everything centralised without uneven tension.
It’s odd how repairs come in groups; I’ve had three cases like this recently, and before that it was a rash of pulled-out necks.